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The University of Utah Hate, Aggression, Terror, and Extremism Research (HATER) Lab is composed of faculty and students with research interests in all aspects of bias and conflict. We apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to problems including hate crimes and organized hate, social issues and inequalities, radicalization processes, and political violence.

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Doug Tharp

Daniel Quintanilla

Matt Shawcroft

Research Papers

Recent Publications

Medina, R. M., Nicolosi, E. A., Riley, C., and McNeally, P. (In Revision) Reflections on Responses to Geographical Research on Hate in the United States. Public Understanding of Science.
Nicolosi, E. A., Medina, R. M., Riley, C., and McNeally, P. (2020) Crowdsourcing Sensitive VGI: Constructing the Hate Incident Reporting System. Digital Geography and Society. (Early Online Publication).
Medina, R. M., Nicolosi, E. A., Brewer, S., and Moore, E. A. (In Press) Geographical Analysis of Socioeconomic and Ideological Drivers of Hate Crime in the United States. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research.
Medina, R. M., Byrne, K., Brewer, S., and Nicolosi, E. (2020) Housing Inequalities: Eviction Patterns in Salt Lake County, Utah. Cities. 104:(Early Online Publication).
Linke, A. M. (2020) Post-Election Violence in Kenya: Leadership Legacies, Demography and Motivations. Territory, Politics, Governance. (Early Online Publication) DOI: 10.1080/21622671.2020.1757503.
Fuhriman, C. and Medina, R. M. (2020) Introducing a Dataset of Multi-Scale Geographies of ISIS Ideology from ISIS Sources. Terrorism and Political Violence. DOI: 10.1080/09546553.2020.1742707 (Early Online Publication).
Medina, R. M., Nicolosi, E., Brewer, S, and Linke, A. (2018) Geographies of Organized Hate in America: A Regional Analysis. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 108(4):1006-1021.
AM Linke, A. M., Witmer, F. D. W., O'Loughlin, J., McCabe, J. T., Tir, J. (2018) The consequences of relocating in response to drought: Human mobility and conflict in contemporary Kenya. Environmental Research Letters 13(9): 094014.
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Fuhriman, C., Medina, R. M., and Brewer, S. (2017) A Point Process Analysis of Terror Attacks in Afghanistan, 2002-2013. Middle States Geographer 50:50-63.
Last Updated: 10/12/20