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Adjunct Faculty

Ola OparaA. Ola Opara

Adjunct Assistant Professor (PhD University of Utah, 2012) -- energy issues, gas hydrates, wastewater treatment

Pam PerlichPam Perlich

Adjunct Professor (PhD University of Utah, 1992) -- applied regional economic and demographic studies, economic and demographic modeling, UPED Model

Ken PetersenKenneth Lee Petersen

Adjunct Assistant Professor (PhD Washington State University, 1981) -- Palynology and environmental archaeology

Keely RothKeely Roth

Adjunct Assistant Professor (PhD University of California Santa Barbara, 2014) -- Remote sensing, geospatial data science


Jenn WattJennifer H. Watt

Adjunct Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program (PhD University of Utah, 2013) -- paleoecology, environmental science.

Last Updated: 9/13/21