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Graduate Level GIS Certificate

The U of U GIS Graduate Certificate Program is ideal for graduate students seeking expertise in the exciting field of geographic information science. Features include:

  • Strong integration of coursework in geography and computer science, providing students with a solid foundation of geographic theory and problems as well as  computer science skills;
  • Students can obtain the certificate at the graduate level
  • Degree-seeking students can be in any graduate program at the University of Utah
  • No previous GIS experience or knowledge is required

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Entrance Requirements

Students entering this emphasis area must: i) be a graduate in good standing or a non-matriculated student with special permission and ii) book an appointment with the advisor to "declare" this certificate.  Students that declare a certificate with the Geography Advisor should be aware that the certificate will NOT show up on their CIS page with their other degree declarations.  If you have questions about whether you have already declared your certificate with the Geography Department or for any other questions, scheduling, and declaring: email Pam Mitchell.

NOTE: Some courses in the certificate program may have additional prerequisites or co-requisities. Be sure to check the university's course catalog.

Program Requirements



  •  GEOG 6100:  Introduction to GIS and Cartography (5 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6140:  Methods in GIS (4 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6150:  Spatial Databases (4 Hours)
  •  GEOG 5170:  GeoData Field Methods (3 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6180:  Geoprocessing with Python (3 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6161:  Capstone in GIS  or CMP 6280:  Studio Course (3 Hours)

Sub-Total 22


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  •  CMP 6450 / REDEV 6450:  Geographic Information Systems in Planning (3 Hours)
  •  CMP 6455:  Advanced GIS Applications (3 Hours)
  •  CMP 6457:  3D Visualization & Urban Simulation (3 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6160:  Spatial Modeling (3 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6162:  Project Management (3 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6165:  Web GIS (3 Hours)
  •  GEOG 6190:  GIS & Public Health (3 Hours)


 Certificate Total minimum credits: 25


*Certificate qualifies for tuition benefit for current, matriculated graduate students.


Note: Absolutely no course substitutions are allowed for 'Program Requirements' courses in this or any GIS Certificate emphasis area. Course substitutions are allowed for 'Entrance Requirements' courses at the discretion of the GIS Certificate Program Committee.


Students are responsible for filling out the Certificate Completion Form in the semester before graduation (or, if a non-matriculated student, the semester currently completing certificate coursework).  The Completion Form can be picked up and must be mailed or turned in by students to the Geography Main Office:

Certificate Completions

University of Utah

Department of Geography

260 S Central Campus Dr Rm 4625

Salt Lake City, UT 84112


The Certificate is mailed to the address shown on the student's CIS page.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure the mailing address on their CIS page is correct.  It can take up to 90 days after grades are posted for the certificate to be mailed to the student.  The certificate is mailed from the Graduation Division at the University of Utah.

Last Updated: 3/26/21