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Emeriti Faculty

Robert Argenbright

Associate Professor (Lecturer) Emeritus

(PhD University of California, Berkeley, 1990)
Russia; urban, political, historical geography


Adjunct Associate Professor Emerita

(PhD University of Utah, 2006)
Coastal processes and flooding hazards of Great Salt Lake, regional geography (North America), physical geography, geographic education

Donald R. Currey

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Kansas, 1969)
Geomorphology and Quaternary stratigraphy of mountain and lacustrine desert environments in the western U.S.

Albert L. Fisher

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Johns Hopkins, 1954)
Political, regional, applied political geography, Utah geography

George Hepner

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Arizona State, 1979)
Land resource analysis, geographic information systems, computer mapping applications quantitative methods

James W. King

Associate Professor Emeritus

(PhD Northwestern, 1964)
Cultural and economic geography in Africa and the Middle East

Thomas M. Kontuly

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Pennsylvania, 1978)
Urban geography, economic geography, population geography, migration analysis, urban & regional development, quantitative methods

Chung-Myun Lee

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Michigan, 1961)
Land use planning, population geography, Pacific Rim region, East Asia and aerial photo interpretation/photogrammetry

Roger M. McCoy

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Kansas, 1967)
Remote sensing applications to vegetation, soil and hydrocarbons

Merrill K. Ridd

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Northwestern, 1963)
Remote sensing and GIS, analysis of earth systems, environments, and global change and environmental hazards

Leroy H. Wullstein

Professor Emeritus

(PhD Oregon State, 1965)
Biogeography of major vegetation formations of the Intermountain West, soil investigations

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