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Geography PhD

The PhD is the pinnacle degree in the field of Geography, and provides the advanced training required for careers in research and academia. PhD students develop a research-intensive dissertation in close collaboration with their advisor and committee.  PhD students are eligible to receive teaching and research assistantship funding. These positions are awarded on a competitive basis and include a tuition waiver and subsidized health insurance. A Master's degree is required to enter the PhD program. Advisors may also expect basic proficiencies in statistics, GIS, cartography, writing, and mathematics – consult your prospective advisor to learn more about prerequisites.

Like the Geography MS, the course requirements for the Geography PhD are designed to be flexible, allowing you to specialize in the area of your interest. All students are required to take GEOG 6000 (Advanced Geographical Data Analysis) and GEOG 6961 (Geographic Thought and Inquiry). Two research courses (e.g. seminars) can be taken from a variety of offerings, and students can fill the remaining elective requirements from courses in Geography or from other departments at the University of Utah.

Last Updated: 11/1/21