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Tenure-Line Faculty

Simon BrewerSimon Brewer

Associate Professor

(PhD Université d’Aix-Marseille I, 2002)

Past and present climate change, paleoecology, environmental modeling, data mining and analysis.

Andrea BrunelleAndrea Brunelle


(PhD University of Oregon, 2002), 

RED Lab Director -- paleoecology, fire history, climate change.

Tim CollinsTim Collins


(PhD Arizona State University, 2005), 

Director of Undergraduate Studies – human-environment interactions; vulnerability; hazards and disasters; environmental justice; health disparities; climate change, water, wildfire, and air pollution

Tom CovaTom Cova


(PhD UC Santa Barbara, 1999) 

Environmental hazards, emergency management, transportation, geographic information science

Philip DennisonPhilip Dennison


(PhD UC Santa Barbara, 2003)

Chair, and Director of URSA Lab  -- hyperspectral, multispectral, and lidar remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems, wildfire and firefighter safety, imaging spectroscopy

Rick ForsterRichard (Rick) Forster


(PhD Cornell, 1997)

CSBS Associate Dean and Director of Snow and Ice Lab -- microwave remote sensing of the cryosphere, application of radar interferometry to studies of glaciers and ground displacement

Alex HohlAlexander Hohl

Assistant Professor

(PhD UNC Charlotte, 2018)

Geographic data science, spatiotemporal computing, machine learning, spatial epidemiology

Andrew LinkeAndrew M. Linke

Assistant Professor

(PhD University of Colorado-Boulder, 2013)

Political geography, political violence, Kenya, spatial statistics, GIS, climate change and conflict

Rich MedinaRichard Medina

Associate Professor

(PhD University of Utah, 2009)

GIS, spatial analysis, geography of terrorism and insurgent activity, complex systems in social and geographic spaces

Kathleen NicollKathleen Nicoll


(PhD Arizona)

Geomorphology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geoarchaeology, arid lands, petroleum geology

Mitch PowerMitchell J. Power


(PhD University of Oregon, 2006)

Curator of the Garrett Herbarium (Utah Museum of Natural History), and Power Paleoecology Lab Director -- vegetation history, historical biogeography, fire, paleoecology and paleoclimatology

Summer RupperSummer B. Rupper


(PhD University of Washington, 2007)

Director of Graduate Studies. -- glaciology, climate change, modeling glacier mass balance, ice core analysis, glacier geomorphology. 

McKenzie SkilesMcKenzie Skiles

Assistant Professor

(PhD University of California - Los Angeles, 2014)

Mountain hydrology, snow optics and remote sensing, radiative forcing by light absorbing particles in snow and ice, cryosphere-climate interaction.

Neng WanNeng Wan

Associate Professor

(PhD Texas State University-San Marcos, 2011)

Director of the Utah Geo-Health Lab -- GIS and spatial methods in understanding and solving environmental health problems. Director of the MSGIS program.

Yehua Dennis WeiYehua Dennis Wei


(PhD UCLA, 1998)

Economic/urban geography, global urban and regional development, regional science and spatial analysis, China

Career-Line Faculty

Evan Burgess

Research Assistant Professor (PhD University of Utah, 2013) -- Glaciology & Climatology 


Mickey CampbellMickey Campbell

Research Assistant Professor and DIGIT Lab Assistant Director (PhD University of Utah, 2018) -- remote sensing, geospatial data science, wildland firefighter safety, vegetation type, structure, function, and change mapping

Larry CoatesLarry L. Coats

Associate Professor (Lecturer) (MS Northern Arizona University, 1997) -- quaternary sciences, Antarctica-Ross Sea Region


Elizabeth Dudley-MurphyElizabeth Dudley-Murphy

Associate Professor (Lecturer) (PhD University of Utah, 1996) -- World regional/cultural geography, geography of Latin America, Human Geography, Introduction to GIS


Tim Edgar

Associate Professor (Lecturer) (MS University of Utah, 2008) -- environmental science, remote sensing, quantitative analysis, sustainable energy


Tim Graham

Research Assistant Professor 

Phoebe McNeallyPhoebe B. McNeally

Research Professor and DIGIT Lab Director (PhD University of Utah, 2008), Director of the GIS Certificate Program -- Geographic Information Science and Systems, geographic visualization, spatial decision support systems, snow science/avalanche forecasting

Zach LundeenZachary J. Lundeen

Research Assistant Professor and Director of Rio Mesa Center (PhD University of Utah, 2012) -- paleoclimatology, paleoecology, water resources, stable isotopes

Jesse L. Morris

Research Associate Professor (PhD University of Utah, 2011) -- forest disturbances, biogeochemistry, social-ecological systems, environmental science

Emily NicolosiEmily Nicolosi

Research Assistant Professor (PhD University of Utah, 2019) -- climate change mitigation, grassroots innovations for sustainability, geography of hate, Hate, Agression, Terrorism, and Extremism Research Lab.

Vincent SalomonsonVincent V. Salomonson

Research Professor (PhD, Colorado State, 1968) -- spaceborne remote sensing of Earth-atmosphere processes and trends with emphasis on hydrological processes, regional and global snow cover dynamics

Jenn ShahJennifer Follstad Shah

Research Assistant Professor and Associate Instructor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program (PhD University of New Mexico, 2006) -- global change effects on the metabolism and biogeochemistry of lotic and riparian ecosystems, theoretical ecology, river and riparian restoration.

Accepting Students

Ingrid WeinbauerIngrid Weinbauer

Associate Professor (Lecturer) (MA SUNY Albany, 1996) -- world geography, modern Europe, wetland environments, resource conservation, world environmental issues

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