Geography BS / BA

Requirements for the Geography major

Students must complete a minimum of eight (8) courses of Geography required coursework (see list below) plus a minimum of five (5) Geography elective courses for a minimum total of thirteen (13) required Geography courses. One 5000 level course must be included in the elective courses*. Students choose their elective courses according to their interest/specialization area. All courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a C- or better.


Students must complete at least 18 credit hours in the Department of Geography at the University of Utah.


12 credit hours of allied coursework are also required. These courses will generally be in the student’s interest/specialization area and can be done in any of the following departments: Atmospheric Sciences; Biology; Chemistry; City and Metropolitan Planning; Civil Engineering; Computer Science; Geology; Math; Parks, Recreation and Tourism; Philosophy; Physics; or any department** in the College of Social and Behavioral Science. **(Aerospace Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Ethnic Studies, Family and Consumer Studies, Gender Studies, Health Society and Policy, Military Science, Naval Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology)

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Required Courses: (Geography Requirements)

    • GEOG 1000 - Earth Environments and Global Change SF (3)
    • GEOG 1400 - Human Geography BF (3)
    • GEOG 3020 - Geographical Analysis QB/QI (4)
    • GEOG 3040 - Principles of Cartography (4) **
    • GEOG 3140 - Introduction to GIS QI (4) **

One of the following: (Upper division physical geography choice)

    • GEOG 3/5200 - Geomphology: Mtns, Rivers, Deserts (4)
    • GEOG 3/5205 - Regional and Global Climates (3)
    • GEOG 3/5210 - Global Climate Change SF (3)
    • GEOG 3/5215 - Climate Change and Its Impacts (3)
    • GEOG 3/5290 - Water in Utah AS (3)
    • GEOG 3/5292 - Snow and Ice (3)
    • GEOG 3310 - Introduction to Natural Hazards SF (3)

One of the following: (Upper division human geography choice)

    • GEOG 3/5190 - Introduction to Medical Geography (3)
    • GEOG 3350- Resource Conservation & Environmental Mgmt. (3)
    • GEOG 3/5375 - Sustainable Transptation (3)
    • GEOG 3420 - Political Geography (3)
    • GEOG 3/5440 - Global Economic Geography IR (3)
    • GEOG 3480 - Urban Geography (3)
    • GEOG 3620 - Geography of Nth America DV (3)

One of the following: (Geography CW choice)

    • GEOG 3/5270 - Biogeography: Global Patterns of Life CW (4)
    • GEOG 3/5400 - Population Geography CW (4)

Five Elective Courses: (Any geography class-one at 5000 level)

GEOG 5###


TOTAL RESIDENCY HRS. (18 credit hrs. at UofU Geog. Dept.)

*GEOG 5940 Internship in Geography may be counted only once toward the major elective requirement and does not count as the required 5000-level elective course.  To add GEOG 5940, it is the student's responsibility to find and obtain an internship and ask a Geography faculty member to be their faculty mentor/instructor for GEOG 5940.  Students must then fill out and sign the Independent Study form and have the faculty mentor/instructor sign the form for approval.  Students must then bring the signed form in to the Geography Main Office in BLDG 73, Rm 217, to obtain a permission code to add GEOG 5940 before the add/drop deadline of the semester the student is working in the internship.  GEOG 5940 cannot be taken after an internship is completed and cannot be added retroactively.  Students must take GEOG 5940 to get credit for an internship.  If students are pursuing the GIS Certificate and obtain a GIS Internship for the Capstone Experience, they must follow the instructions on the GIS Certificate page here.

** GEOG 3040 is soon to be discontinued. If you have already taken GEOG 3140: Intro to GIS or plan on taking GEOG 3140 in Summer 2017, you MUST take GEOG 3040: Principles of Cartography this Fall 2017 semester!  A new course will be created to reflect the consolidation of curriculum between GEOG 3140 and GEOG 3040 after Fall 2017 and it will be worth 5 credit hours.  Meaning, GEOG 3140 will also be discontinued after Fall 2017 and the new course will count for both GEOG 3140 AND GEOG 3040!  More information to come on the new course.

Students who have questions about the major should book an advising appointment with the Geography undergraduate advisor by clicking the "Book Now" bubble on the Home page.


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Students MUST apply for graduation in their second to last semester (online).  Click here for more information.


 Graduation Term Due Date
 Fall (December)  July 1
 Spring (May)  Nov 1
 Summer (August)  March 1


Applications that are received by March 1st will have names included in the Spring Convocation Programs.

Students who have questions about this process should book an advising appointment with the Geography undergraduate advisor by clicking the "Book Now" bubble on the Home page.