Emeriti Faculty

Associate Professor (Lecturer) Emeritus (Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1990) -- Russia; urban, political, historical geography

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. University of Utah, 2006) -- coastal processes and flooding hazards of Great Salt Lake, regional geography (North America), physical geography, geographic education

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Kansas, 1969)--geomorphology and Quaternary stratigraphy of mountain and lacustrine desert environments in the western U.S.

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 1954)--political, regional, applied political geography, Utah geography

Professor (Ph.D. Arizona State, 1979)  -- land resource analysis, geographic information systems, computer mapping applications quantitative methods

Associate Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Northwestern, 1964)--cultural and economic geography in Africa and the Middle East

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Pennsylvania, 1978)--urban geography, economic geography, population geography, migration analysis, urban & regional development, quantitative methods

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Michigan, 1961)--land use planning, population geography, Pacific Rim region, East Asia and aerial photo interpretation/photogrammetry

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Kansas, 1967)--remote sensing applications to vegetation, soil and hydrocarbons

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Northwestern, 1963)--remote sensing and GIS, analysis of earth systems, environments, and global change and environmental hazards

Professor Emeritus (Ph.D. Oregon State, 1965)--biogeography of major vegetation formations of the Intermountain West, soil investigations