Kathleen Nicoll in the Chronicle of Higher Ed

Kathleen Nicoll was recently quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education regarding a piece on the effects of the partial government shutdown on higher education. She noted that members of Congress did not understand how vital government agencies are to students’ education. "This is creating an environment where, in my mind, academics are not able to do our jobs," she said, "even though we're not federal employees." Some of her fellow professors have reported stark differences in their classroom experiences since the shutdown, as they cannot provide the latest data in daily lectures. The shutdown also had severe effects on research efforts, with the largest casualty being the loss of the NSF’s support for the upcoming Antarctic summer research season.   The sixteen-day shutdown that ended on October 17th has already been linked to a 0.5 percent drop in overall economic output in the fourth quarter, but many other ramifications are expected for months to come.


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