How Scientists Communicate About Climate Change

Tuesday, 24th September / 2-3:20pm / LNCO 2110

Hear a panel of esteemed University of Utah researchers talk about their experiences and challenges communicating the science of climate change:


Andrea Brunelle (Associate Professor, Geography)
Jim Steenburgh (Professor, Meteorology)
Simon Brewer (Assistant Professor, Geography)
Moderator, Julia Corbett (Professor, Communication)


Other national speakers and local guests this semester in Communicating Climate Change:

Thursday, October 3rd: Dr. Susanne Moser, "Shut-Down?! Climate Change, Emotional Responses, & How to Stay Sane as the World Goes Mad"

Tuesday, October 8th: Panel of News Preporters and Journalism Professors

Tuesday, October 29th: Prof. Sharon Dunwoody: "Can New Media Channels Have a Social Norms Effect for Climate Change?"

Tuesday, November 9th: Prof. Robert Brulle, Professor of Sociology & Environmental Science, Drexel

All sessions held 2-3:20 in LNCO 2110, the Humanities Dean's Lounge at the top of the stairway. Funds provided by a Dee Grant. For more information, contact Prof. Julia Corbett, Department of Communication, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.