Larry Coats in City Weekly on Salt Lake's Big One

Larry Coats was recently interviewed by Salt Lake City Weekly about natural hazards in general and SLC's impeding earthquake in particular. And as usual, he didn't mince words and noted, "An earthquake here is absolutely inevitable, and it literally could happen at any time, including the next 10 seconds while we're sitting here talking." Fortunately it didn't happen during his interview, but his point is clear – it will, and the effect on locals will be nothing short of shock. Larry covered the current state of seismic research, his personal fears of living in a "brick death trap," educating and preparing people for natural disasters, and a number of other interesting topics. Check out his informative and educational interview here:  City Weekly interview


Larry teaches GEOG 3310-001 Introduction to Natural Hazards this fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays  at 3:40pm to 5:00pm in OSH 237.  The last day to enroll in the class for Fall 2013 is September 9, 2013! 



Larry Coats-City Weekly