Dennis Wei Ranked Top Scholar In Urban Geography in International Study

Dennis Wei Dennis Wei was recently ranked the 2nd most productive scholar in Urban China Geography for the period 1990-2010, and the 9th most productive scholar in Urban China Studies in a study published by Kong & Qian* in the journal of Urban Studies. He was also ranked 18th most productive scholar in Urban Geography in general for the same period. Dennis is an economic/urban geographer and development specialist with research interests in globalization, urbanization, and regional development in China. He investigates the effects of globalization and economic transition on cities, regions, and places with respect to regional inequality, urban transition, foreign investment, innovation, and human development. * Kong, L., Qian, J. (2017) Knowledge circulation in urban geography/urban studies, 1990-2010: testing the discourse of Anglo-American hegemony through publication and citation patterns. Urban Studies, 1-37.