Phoebe McNeally received a Contract Award from Brendle Group titled Salt Lake County Mountain Accord Environmental Dashboard Project


This project focuses on collaborating with Mountain Accord and associated stakeholders to develop an ecological based framework for stewardship, and identifying conservation targets that will provide the foundation for an initial assessment of their current and desirable future status based on measureable indicators. Additionally, major threats or stressors to the conservation targets will be identified and evaluated with respect to the severity of their potential impacts, and their environmental thresholds to the extent practicable. The overall goals of the framework are to make relative comparisons at the landscape level, and to provide a foundation for developing strategies that can be applied to meet conservation goals in collaboration with the Mountain Accord group and their partners and stakeholders.
The DIGIT Lab will develop an integrated spatial data information system to preserve, maintain and share environmental data associated with the Mountain Accord Project Area. This system will provide centralized access to environmental data collected and produced by federal, state and local agencies in a number of different formats for ease of use by others.