Ran Wei has received a subaward from Arizona State University (funded through the Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences) titled:  Enhancing Community Resilience and Optimizaing Oil Spill Response through the Participatroy Design of a Decision Support System


The purpose of this project is to develop a new, open source, spatial decision support system (SDSS) that will minimize the environmental, economic and social impacts of oil spills by optimizing the allocation of response crews and equipment, in both the marine and terrestrial environment.  The SDSS will be developed using the principles of participatory design, engaging stakeholders and community leaders throughout the process to ensure usability, as well as meeting planning and response needs in the field.  The SDSS will offer a number of newly developed, spatially and temporally explicit mathematical programming models that will drastically enhance oil spill response efficiency and efficacy.  The SDSS will have access to a comprehensive suite of high-resolution demographic, environmental and socioeconomic data that can be used to develop vulnerability metrics and allied response metrics for communities along the GOM.  Lastly, SDSS will have significant data wrangling and geovisualization capabilities, allowing for the flexible exploration of alternative planning scenarios, model solutions and response plans to tailor mitigation efforts at both the local and regional levels.