Ran Wei, Geography Assistant Professor, receives NITC Grant!


Our own Ran Wei received a grant from NITC (National Institute of Transportation and Communities) for her project "Evaluating and Enhancing Public Transit Systems for Operational Efficiency, Service Quality and Access Equity".  The project is described as: "Regular assessment and improvement of the performance of public transit systems are essential for transit service providers given limited funding and growing public needs. Performance evaluation can help transit agencies identify underperforming services, plan for potential investments, justify investments, and communicate accomplishments and challenges. However, the evaluation of transit system performance is complex and challenging due to the diverse and competing goals of a public transportation agency, such as improving operational efficiency, increasing service quality, and providing equitable and just transit services.  While previous work has examined public transit systems for these goals separately, the interplay of all three has not been investigated in research or practice. This is a significant gap in the literature and conceptualization of performance evaluation for public transit systems. The proposed project will develop a comprehensive framework and an open-source toolbox for evaluating and enhancing the overall performance of public transit systems by using a combination of mathematical programming methods, GIS-based analysis and multi-objective spatial optimization techniques. This framework will enable operational efficiency, service quality, and access equity of transit systems to be assessed in an integrated manner, as well as identification of areas for improvement to better achieve these multi-dimensional objectives."  Help us in congratulating her!


Ran Wei