CNTH Article on Warning Triggers Garners Media Attention!


A recent article published on-line in the Journal of Risk Analysis by Tom Cova, Phil Dennison, Dapeng Li, Frank Drews (Psychology), Laura Siebeneck (U. North Texas), and Mike Lindell (U. Washington) was selected by the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) for a press release that was subsequently picked up by Science Daily, Utah Public Radio, and a variety of other media outlets around the country. A warning trigger is an environmental threshold that, once crossed, results in a public warning to a target group to take protective action (e.g. warn county residents to avoid travel if wind speeds exceed 30 mph as temperatures fall below zero or warn a subdivision to evacuate if a wildfire crosses a ridgeline). They are used to answer the question, “Who should be warned to take what action and when?” The team notes that these thresholds are proliferating worldwide as more people move into hazardous regions, and public safety could be improved by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to researching warning triggers across all hazards, jurisdictions, and scales.  Check out the SRA press release and the Risk Analysis paper.


mountain fire ca 2016