Geography's Own, Tim Edgar, Ready for a Summer Trek Across Greenland!


Tim Edgar, an Assisstant Professor-Lecturer and a finishing PhD student for the Geography Department, is setting out for a trip across Greenland this summer.  The trek will cover 375 miles and will be a fun adventure for Tim.  But it isn't all just for fun, he will also be collecting Greenland snow while on his journey to run analyses on with his return to the U in June.  Tim has research interests in Spatial Analysis, Energy Resources/Consumption, and Pedagogy.  Tim frequently teaches GEOG 3020: Geographical Analysis, GEOG 1100: Exploring Google Earth, GEOG 3110: Earth from Space: Remote Sensing of the Environment, and GEOG 5110/6110: Environmental Analysis through Remote Sensing.  Read more about this story here: .  Keep track of their expedition with almost daily tweets on twitter, found here: !


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