Geography has moved out of Orson Spencer Hall

The Department of Geography has called Orson Spencer Hall "home" since 1970. Former students have many fond memories of OSH, as well as many not-so-fond memories of the building's infamous infrastructure. Plans for replacing OSH are rapidly moving forward, and in advance of the building's demolition after the end of spring semester 2016, the Department is moving out. Starting December 21, the Department will be located in Buildings 72 and 73. These buildings formerly housed the Law School and Law Library.

The Department Office will be located in Building 73, Room 217. Faculty offices will also be in Building 73, while most grad students will have space in Building 72. The DIGIT and URSA Labs are moving to the Paradigm II building in Research Park, in the same building as the RED and Forster Labs.

Geography's displacement will be a temporary inconvenience.  Once a new building has risen from the ashes of OSH, all Department offices and labs will be reunited in the new space.