Promise of skiing triggers defense double-header

-Submitted by Tom Cova

Last August I proposed the idea of a double-header defense and associated ski day to Paris Latham and Corey Unger if they could submit thesis drafts by Halloween. The idea was an instant hit and proved to be a strong motivator because the drafts showed up on time despite both working full-time jobs (i.e. “I am not going to be left out of the ski day!”). After a few revisions and help from supportive graduate committees comprised of Phoebe and Simon for Corey and Ran and Simon for Paris, the date was set. On December 12th, Paris defended her thesis, “Evaluating the effects of snowstorm frequency and depth on skier behavior in Big Cottonwood Canyon” and Corey defended his thesis, “Creating spatial data infrastructure to facilitate the collection and dissemination of geospatial data to aid in disaster management.” Congratulations to the graduates, and never underestimate the power of snow!