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Gifts of all sizes have a permanent impact.  The department is the program it is today because of the generosity and foresight of caring people like you.  Your contributions truly make the difference between a good department and a great one!



  • Michael L. Barnhardt
  • William H. Birch
  • Daniel Robert Bogan 
  • Dan R. Boggs, Jr.
  • Lloyd A. Burton
  • Timothy E. Bryant
  • Richard C. Campany, Jr.
  • Don Harvey Card
  • Gary E. Christenson
  • David G. and Caryn L. Clark
  • Philip E. Dennison
  • Brian Haslam, Azteca Systems, LLC
  • Robert Lewis Lane
  • Michael J. Looby
  • William McCoy
  • Merrill K. and Codele C. Ridd
  • James Raymond Smith
  • Scott and Daphne White
  • David and Margie Wilkins
2015-2016 Donors
  • Dane Boggs, Jr.
  • Richard Campany, Jr.
  • Gary Christenson
  • Chand Coleman
  • Stenfo Demars
  • Brand Faupell
  • Brian Haslam
  • Karen Wells Higgins
  • Jiajun Liu & Tong Zheng
  • Charles Oviatt
  • Merrill & CoDele Ridd
  • James R. Smith
  • Christine Tobolski
  • Albert Voegeli
  • Lotti Ann Wann
  • Scott & Daphne White